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How to Borrow MUSD

The Maple Dollar (MUSD) and its how-to's

Step-by-step guide

To start borrowing, a user must first create their own Safe Box inside the Maple Bank to deposit collateral into. First click on New SafeBox -> Look for your preferred collateral -> Then click Create SafeBox
Moving to the New SafeBox page
Creating your own SafeBox
After creating your Safe Box, you should be able to see it now on the page once the transaction has been confirmed. Next step is to Enable Lending so you can now deposit your collateral.
Maple Bank - SafeBox
  • Once approved, you should be able to Deposit your collaterals to borrow MUSD
Deposit your collateral to borrow MUSD
  • Proceed to borrow MUSD against your collaterals, and take note of the Liquidation Health to avoid being liquidated!