Meso Finance

What are Orbis Pools?

The unlimited reward pool for MESO token holders by the Meso Finance team.
The Orbis Pools is our unique approach for a dividend pool where it is running infinitely and supplying of USDC indefinitely as long as the project earns fees from its product and services. All the different products and services of Meso Finance will be redirecting a portion of the fees to the Orbis Pools.
We, the team, treat Meso Finance as a company where we have stakeholders that invested in the platform which are entitled for a share in the revenue generating activities as well. As such, we built this pool to indefinitely reward fMESO holders with a portion of the project's income at certain periods that will be announced over at our official social media.
  • To be eligible for the Orbis Pools, users must have bought the native token, fMESO, and stake in the Orbis Pools that are available.
  • fMESO is available over at SpookySwap for buying.
  • USDC rewards are distributed proportionately from a start timestamp to an end timestamp. So the longer you are staked, the more USDC you can earn over time.

What pools will be available?

The pools that we will make available are the following and will be given its corresponding weight:
  • fMESO earn USDC
  • Coming soon...

How can I maximize my earnings on the platform?

  1. 1.
    If the farm is still minting tokens, you can stake in one of our pools and earn the tokens by paying a small deposit fee for non-native pair pools. You can also buy fMESO in SpookySwap to stake in the native pair pools to earn more fMESO.
  2. 2.
    Stake your earned or bought fMESO to the Orbis Pools and earn USDC.
  3. 3.
    Earned USDC can then be bought for more fMESO to stake more into the Orbis Pool to gain a larger share in the USDC rewards distributed.
  4. 4.
    The larger the TVL or activity of our products, the more you can earn on our project overall as an fMESO token holder. So be sure to spread the word of our platform to gain traction and more activity.

Will there be a stake fMESO earn XXXX token available?

As of the moment, there will be none, as this defeats the our goal towards platform sustainability. Fluctuating token prices as a form of dividend are risky in nature. The final share of income that users should be receiving have to be almost risk-free to make it sustainable for the longer term.

What other products will be available that will generate income for the platform?

As of the moment, our initial product is the yield farm which is meant to distribute fMESO to interested investors taking part in the farming / token trading activities.
Next up will be the autocompounding vaults, which charges a service fee to users that would like to utilize the platform. It will be splitting the service fee into portions where it transfers a share to the Orbis Pools as USDC. The higher the utilization of the autocompounding vaults, the better the income overall of fMESO holders.
Next product is still being planned by the team, together with the fMESO holders, as this could be a crucial turning point for the project to achieve sustainability. You may also check our roadmap to see what we have in mind.