Meso Finance

What are the Meso Vaults?

The auto-compounding delegated farms by Meso Finance

Standard Auto-compounding Vaults

The Meso vaults are auto-compounding stakes on third party protocols. The project acts as an intermediary to automatically manage the user's funds on their behalf by harvesting the rewards and staking it back as the same invested asset.
The vaults will be charging a 0-4% fee on the harvested rewards. Vaults are compounded automatically depending on TVL for cost-efficiency.
Total Value Locked (TVL)
Intervals In Hours
$0 < $500
$500 < $100,000
24 hours
$100,000 < $500,000
12 hours
$500,000 < $ 1.0 Million
8 hours
>$1.0 Million
4 hours

Buyback Vaults

Recently, we have added buyback vaults for spinning up a sustainable way to buyback the main MESO token continuously. Accumulated tokens that are bought back will be reused down the line (i.e. bridge liquidity, pair liquidity, etc.) and will not be sold or burnt as these are very limited.