Meso Finance

Protocol Roadmap

  • Multi-chain products and services
    • We are planning to have the Meso protocol present in any chain over time with a default lineup of products and a personalized one.
  • Meso Finance Stablecoin / Multi-chain Token
    • We are planning a multi-chain token that users can trade anywhere, and use anywhere in our multi-chain protocol. It will have future utility and will be used as currency for the different services that will be built in the Meso protocol.
  • Meso Labs
    • An array of services that will be offered by Meso Finance to users or developers in the DeFi space. MESO tokens holders will be able to take advantage of discounts or promos, and it will be a way to do buybacks on our end if necessary.
    • Some of the services planned are: Escrow contracts for trustless anonymous development works, Flash Loan smart contracts with different purposes, complete farm forking services including customized front-end, token creation services, pre-sale contracts, Liquidity/Token locker contracts, etc. (List is not yet final and may change depending on the situation)
  • Meso Governance
    • MESO token will be coming with governance properties. The idea is to have public involvement in the project's future and growth.
    • Token holders will have the power to vote on new vault additions/retirement, and fee changes.
  • Meso Farming and Profit-sharing dividend pools
    • Meso Farming and Profit-sharing dividend pools. We will be developing the platform's own MasterChef for native farming and pools to distribute the MESO tokens.
  • Meso Vaults
    • Another product that we can integrate with the existing farm are vaults that have individual strategies that auto-compounds user funds. It is also a way to generate enough profit to do buybacks on the token using the vault's mechanism.
  • Meso Delegated Profit Vaults
    • Part of the project's profits can go to a savings vault that delegates our excess funds to generate passive income for the protocol's future development and expenses.
Note: There is no order for the roadmap, anything in the list could be push to the top of the development cycle, depending on the situation, or governance vote.